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I miss my friends </3

zoovroo (8:19:15 PM): omg, i think i found your $20 bucks you lost here
UnholyFruitloop (8:18:32 PM): hahahaha
UnholyFruitloop (8:18:42 PM): i had a dream about you the other night
zoovroo (8:19:31 PM): lol, jk. We never found that.
UnholyFruitloop (8:18:45 PM): wait..
UnholyFruitloop (8:18:48 PM): anyways
zoovroo (8:19:36 PM): OOO
zoovroo (8:19:42 PM): yeah.
UnholyFruitloop (8:18:55 PM): you were trying to tape my feet again
zoovroo (8:19:47 PM): lol
UnholyFruitloop (8:19:03 PM): i just remember running and crying
UnholyFruitloop (8:19:09 PM): and you were like..IM GOING TO TAPE YOUR FEEETT
zoovroo (8:20:00 PM): your feet are pretty amazing.
zoovroo (8:20:03 PM): AHH
zoovroo (8:20:04 PM): lol
UnholyFruitloop (8:19:19 PM): no theyre not
UnholyFruitloop (8:19:20 PM): theyre ugly
zoovroo (8:20:15 PM): Seriously, no.
UnholyFruitloop (8:19:35 PM): omg thats going in my buddy info
zoovroo (8:20:29 PM): I have a picture of them in my room, and I look at them everyday
UnholyFruitloop (8:19:47 PM): what?
zoovroo (8:20:35 PM): they are deff. not ugly
UnholyFruitloop (8:19:53 PM): you have a pic of my feet?
zoovroo (8:20:41 PM): ......
UnholyFruitloop (8:19:56 PM): lol
zoovroo (8:20:44 PM): .....lmao
zoovroo (8:20:47 PM): haha
zoovroo (8:20:55 PM): THAT wouldnt be creeeppyyy
UnholyFruitloop (8:20:20 PM): that was one of those moment where i was laughing then i stopped and was creeped out a little
zoovroo (8:21:14 PM): hahaha
zoovroo (8:21:20 PM): I live for those moments

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